Geekbench is a cross platform benchmark testing software that can test the performance of devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The Geekbench testing program includes testing items such as computation, memory, single core, and multi-core. The calculation test item mainly tests the floating-point computing ability of the device, while the memory test item tests the read and write speed of the device.

Geekbench computer scoring software can accurately measure the single core and multi-core capabilities of the current processor, and generate detailed report descriptions in the form of scoring, allowing users to better understand their computer performance. Users can also click on scoring to view the solutions that need improvement, recommend the advantages of various systems and display the performance of hardware devices, which is convenient for improving computer configuration.

Geekbench can also comprehensively cover the testing of different components such as processors, motherboards, hard drives, cores, frequencies, etc., and ultimately display detailed computer related parameters. It can even view the processor, operating system, and manufacturer, fully meeting the user's usage needs.


CPU benchmark testing

Geekbench can measure the single core and multi-core power of processors, from checking emails, taking photos, playing music, or completing all functions at once. Geekbench's CPU benchmark can measure performance in new application areas, including augmented reality and machine learning, so you will know how close your system is to the cutting edge.

GPU calculation benchmark

Use Compute Benchmark to test the potential of the system in game image processing or video editing. Support OpenCL, Metal, and Vulkan APIs to test the performance of GPUs. Geekbench 6 has added a new GPUAPI abstraction layer and a new machine learning workload.



Real World Testing

Geekbench uses actual daily scenarios and datasets to measure performance. Each test is based on tasks found in popular real-world applications and uses real datasets to ensure that your results are relevant and applicable.

Cross platform

Compare Apple and Orange, or Apple and Samsung. Geekbench is completely designed for cross platform comparison, allowing you to compare system performance across devices, operating systems, and processor architectures. Geekbench supports Android, iosMacos, Windows, and LinuX.

Geekbench browser

Upload your results to Geekbench browser, share with others, or let the world know how fast (or slow) your device can run! You can track all results in one location by creating an account and easily find them on any device.

Benchmark Chart

Verify device performance using Geekbench benchmark charts. These charts are available on the Geekbench Browser and are based on data collected from real users in real environments. Whether you are considering purchasing a new device or curious about device performance, you can use these charts to make wise decisions

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