MAGIX Sequoia, which means MAGIX broadcasting level audio workstation in Chinese, is a radio and television processing software produced and distributed by MAGIX. For decades, Sequoia has been one of the leading software solutions in the field of professional audio production. Sequoia is designed specifically to meet the needs of professional users and represents another milestone in the fields of audio production, broadcasting, and baseband processing.


Software Introduction


Sequoia is the flagship product of MAGIX and belongs to the broadcasting and television class.

It has the highest processing accuracy and is priced at 2500 euros. About 20000 RMB.

Many record companies in Germany are still using Sequoia mixing.

Sequoia 12 Main New Features:

Significant upgrades have been made in level technology, supporting all current broadcasting standards

The interface uses a new docking concept, allowing users to manage open windows through simple drag and drop operations

New macro macro function, which can create shortcut keys to achieve a series of functions)

Can perform track level spectrum editing to quickly eliminate noise while recording

The automatic duck function is suitable for avoiding background music and vocals during broadcasting

Export while recording, saving a lot of time

The new VCA grouping provides more flexible channel settings for the mixing console

Supports 64 bit

Built in Independence Sampler Workstation with 70GB of materials and hundreds of sampling instruments


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