Twinmotion is a 3D real-time rendering software under the umbrella of Abvent company, targeting the fields of architecture, engineering, urban planning, and landscape design. Compared to traditional lengthy rendering processes, Twinmotion's extremely fast rendering speed can export high-quality images, videos, and 360 degree panoramic files in just a few seconds.

Twinmotion can clearly and intuitively display designers' works, and its high-quality visual rendering effects make it at the forefront of today's 3D virtual reality software. Meanwhile, Twinmotion's interactive tools allow designers to explore new fields as if they are in an interactive ecosystem, helping them design, share, and showcase their works.

Twinmotion real-time architectural visualization rendering, 3D immersive interaction, and VR virtual reality exploration are professional 3D real-time rendering software dedicated to architecture, urban planning, and landscape visualization. Twinmotion is the only rendering solution that can generate high-definition renderings, 360 panoramic images, 3D animations, 360 degree rotation animations, and support 3D virtual reality experiences in seconds.

The interface of Twinmotion is clear and intuitive, easy to operate, and easy to get started. It is suitable for projects of any scale, any equipment, any building software, and any level of operation.



1、Seamless integration



Twinmotion can import your data in a few minutes without losing any details or causing painful asset loss. Once it is associated with your preferred design software, you can continue working in your preferred environment and then synchronize these changes with Twinmotion with just one click.

Supports all mainstream CAD, BIM, and modeling applications: With just one click, you can instantly synchronize Allplan, Archicad, BricsCAD, Revit, Rhino, RIKCAD, SketchUp Pro, SOLIDWORKS, and Vectorworks scenes to Twinmotion. For users of other software, we also provide support for multiple file formats.

Unicom Unreal Engine: Twinmotion is just the beginning. Through the Unicom Unreal Engine, you can transform preliminary concepts into exquisite high-end visualizations using the same file. Here, you will not encounter any desperate dead ends.


2、 Real time environment



Develop and refine your design in a photo realistic environment. With Twinmotion, any changes you make will be updated in real-time - no more guessing or waiting for the rendering to end. You can directly enter VR mode and truly experience your project in real person proportions.

High fidelity real time lighting: All architects and photographers know that lighting plays an important role in rendering the atmosphere of a scene. With real-time rendering, you can immediately see the effect of adjusting the lighting and accurately create the atmosphere you want.

Interactive creative tool: Use a brush to draw vegetation, set the path for vehicles and pedestrians with just a few mouse clicks, and adjust a few parameters to create a custom door that will automatically open and adapt to the space you need. With Twinmotion, you can enjoy both simple operations and powerful features.


3、 High quality assets


Twinmotion offers over 10000 high-quality assets that you can simply drag and drop into your own scene. What if they can still automatically make realistic reactions? This is the meaning of smart assets. Here, trees grow, doors and windows open, and people move - just like in the real world.

Drag and drop PBR materials: Twinmotion provides a vast library of handmade, physics based materials - from pebbles to non slip flooring, water, gravel, and soil - where you can easily find everything you need by simply dragging and dropping it onto your object.

Integration of Quixel and Sketchfab: Twinmotion's asset library has built-in access to the world's largest high-quality scanning asset library, Quixel Megascans, as well as over 660000 free assets from the well-known 3D modeling platform Sketchfab (this number is still growing!).

4、 Narrative tools



Show how your design looks at any time of the day, any season of the year, or in any weather. Simply drag the slider and you can transition from day to night, from spring to winter, and from dry sunny days to rainy and snowy days. Even the leaves on trees can change color or even fall off.

Vegetation growth and stage division: Rome was not built in a day, and the architecture and terrain are the same. With Twinmotion, you can showcase how a project looks at different construction stages and how saplings grow into towering trees.

Non realistic rendering style: With just a few non realistic rendering style buttons, you can tell the right story at the right time - such as white mode and hidden line mode. You can also turn on X-ray mode to display infrastructure, or capture parts of the building to showcase the use of space.

5、 Export and Share



Share navigable real-time 3D presentations or pre rendered panoramic atlases with anyone anytime, anywhere, without losing any details. With the Twinmotion cloud service, all stakeholders can view your design through web browsers on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Immersive experience: With Twinmotion, you can export 360 ° panoramic images and 360 ° panoramic videos, giving viewers a complete impression of your design. It also supports viewing and interacting in VR mode using a local demonstrator, and this support is very robust, allowing stakeholders to directly enter your design.

Amazing final pixel images: Quality is the key when marketing your design. With Twinmotion's built-in path tracker and HDRI sky lighting, you can easily create final pixel images, panoramas, and videos comparable to offline rendering without leaving the current software package.

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