TrapcodeSuiteParticle Effect Kit)


TrapcodeSuite brings the powerful capabilities of 3D particle systems directly into AfterEffects. Use particle emitters to create fire, water, smoke, snow, and other organic visual effects, or use immortal particle grids and 3D forms to create technological wonders and user interfaces. Combine multiple particle systems into a unified 3D space to achieve visually stunning results. With GPU acceleration, the Trapcode plugin can help you quickly achieve beautiful results.


•TRAPCODEPARTICULARDazzling Particle Plugin


Create organic 3D particles and complex dynamic image elements in AE. Create flames, water, smoke, snow, and other organic special effects. Add a multi particle system to a unified 3D space to achieve stunning visual effects. Trapcode Particle allows you to create particle effects intuitively, using a powerful designer to generate effects more creatively and intuitively.


Create organic 3D particle effects, complex Motion graphics elements, etc. Visually construct particle effects in a powerful Designer. The special function of Trapcode is GPU acceleration, including the simulation of physical characteristics of air, fluid dynamics, etc. Specially uses AfterEffects3D cameras and lighting, and allows you to use 3D models and OBJ sequences as emitters.


•TRAPCODEForm3D Space Particle Plugin


Create immortal particle meshes and 3D particle objects using TrapcodeForm. Visually build effects in a powerful Designer. Dissolve particle objects in fluids or create complex fractal animations. Create an amazing MoGraph using 3D models and animated OBJ sequences. Drive animation with sound and dissolve text and logos. The Form uses AfterEffects3D cameras and lighting, and is GPU accelerated.




•TRAPCODEMIR3D graphics plugin


Create 3D terrain, objects, and wireframes in AE TrapcodeMir is a plugin in AE that can create flowing surfaces, infinite channels, terrain, and 3D objects to use in your dynamic images.


Create 3D objects, fractal surfaces, terrain, and wireframes in AfterEffects using TrapcodeMir. Design flow surfaces and abstract shapes for motion graphics or import 3DOBJ models. Copy and fractal the Mir surface and OBJ, and display them as polygons or vertices. Can be used in conjunction with AfterEffects 3D cameras and lighting.


•TRAPCODETAO3D Geometry Plugin


Create 3D geometric animations along the path in AE, and use TrapcodeTao to create 3D geometric shapes along the path animation. With Tao, you can generate geometric shapes from masks, paths, and actions. Tao uses AfterEffects 3D cameras and lighting.


•TRAPCODESHINE(Radiant light plug-in)


Fast 3D ray effects in AfterEffects and PremierePro. Create ultra fast 3D ray effects using TrapcodeShine. Design volume light for your text, graph or lens.


Simulate clean light or fractal smoke with depth. Shine is perceived by the AfterEffects3D camera.


•TRAPCODESOUNDKEYSRadiant light plug-in


Instantly trigger animation with audio in AfterEffects, and use the Trapcode sound button to drive motion graphics with real-time audio in AfterEffects. Visualize your audio to get Motion graphics, and use any audio to drive animation and effects. Using the sound button, you can isolate the audio tape for complete control.






Stylized flash and glow of Motion graphics and text in AfterEffects and PremierePro. Starslow can create colorful or monochrome star halos, which can make Motion graphics and materials immediately active.


Use TrapcodeStarlow to create stylized flashes and glows for animated graphics and text. Add Glimmer to your highlights using 49 presets to help you get started. Starlow is fully customizable and easy to use.


•TRAPCODE3DSTROKE3D path tracing plugin


Dynamic 3D graphics and lines in AfterEffects and PremierePro use Trapcode3DStrike to create organic 3D shapes and lines from masks. Signs, text, and paths all have their own lives. The 3D stroke preset shape provides you with a starting point. Accurately control shapes, colors, loops, etc.


•TRAPCODELUXSpotlight plug-in


Make AE lighting more intuitive. Lux creates visible volume light sources for all points and spotlights in the scene. This special effect is completely perceptible to an AE3D camera and can accurately control the intensity, attenuation, and other aspects of light.


Using TrapcodeLux, you can see the AfterEffects light. Create 3D volume points and spotlights, and add drama and realism to 3DComps. Lux is fully customizable and can recognize cameras.


•TRAPCODEHORIZONInfinite Scene (Sky) plugin


Create an infinite 3D background in AE, and use TrapcodeHorizon to create an infinite (360 degree) background for AfterEffects3D. Use image mapping or create multi color gradients. Horizon fully supports AE3D cameras.


•TRAPCODEECHOSPACE3D drag delay plugin


Instantly clone and offset animation layers in AE, quickly clone, activate, and shift 3D layers of AfterEffects. You can create dynamic images of "fallen dominoes" or "imitated leaders" within seconds, without the need to write formulas. Use TrapcodeEchospace to instantly clone and offset animation layers. Easily automate complex multi-layer 3D animations without the need to write expressions to control layer instances. Using EchoSpace, you can create dynamic "descending dominoes" or "following leaders" animations.





(Noise reduction, skin polishing, beauty and color adjustment plug-in set)


Color correction, post processing, and movie special effects tools


MAGICBULLETSUITE color matching set, color correction, processing, and film adjustment. Contains seven tools for intuitive and powerful color correction of timelines, as well as other functions.


MagicBulletSuite13 provides you with all the tools to make your material look perfect, allowing you to edit and preview directly on the timeline. Balance your lens and make color adjustments as you expect. In addition, it can also accurately simulate lens filters and film. With MagicBulletSuite, you will have the most powerful and intuitive real-time color correction tool available for editing without switching to other applications.




Give your material the feel of a Hollywood blockbuster. With the tools of MagicBulletSuite, your materials can immediately have contrast and complex color palettes comparable to those of large-scale movies. With a large number of effects based on popular movies and TV programs, you can fully customize presets and achieve the desired results in just a few seconds.


Grinding skin


Quickly balance skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate freckles, your actors will be incredibly perfect. MagicBulletSuite can quickly achieve makeup and cleaning, with natural effects and almost no modification marks.




Save the video noise generated by shooting in the dark or high ISO in your material, MagicBulletSuite can clean up the noise while preventing the loss of lens details. At the end of chromaticity adjustment, MagicBulletSuite can also regenerate fine materials and natural movie grain effects, bringing a realistic and unprocessed result to your work.




MAGICBULLETLOOKSColor palette plugin 


- Over 200 fully customizable appearance presets.


- More than 40 powerful tools for defining or creating new appearances.


- The best and most intuitive color correction experience in the industry.





- Perform color correction directly on the timeline - no need to convert different applications to grade your material.


- The Color Correction Wizard helps you install color grading.


- Convert Adobe PremierePro and AfterEffects into a high-speed professional color grading environment. Designed professional color correction software.





- While retaining details, remove noise and particles from the material.


- Provide immediate one-stop results.


- A brand new rewrite brings you the best, fastest, and most trustworthy noise reduction effect.



MAGICBULLETMOJOIIQuick color palette plugin


Mojo can easily and quickly add Hollywood blockbuster level color effects to your materials. Using movies to compare and unify complements.




MojoII has 14 new and fully customizable presets, tailored to the color styles of different Hollywood movies and TV shows


Designed in a grid manner.


Fast movie color grading with new features


Suitable for: movies, sports, fashion



MAGICBULLETCOSMOIISkin Moisturizing Grinder Plugin


- Use the fastest and easiest way to present your character at their best.


- Quickly balance skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and remove blemishes.


- New rewrite, bringing you the best and fastest results.


Digital makeup


Suitable for: movies, interviews, fashion, MV


MAGICULLETRENOISER (Noise Particle Plugin) New Feature Movie Textures and Particles


- Restore textures and noise to overprocessed digital videos.


- Protect your lens from color bands and blocky compression artifacts.


- Give your material a realistic 35mm, 16mm, or Super8 film particle.


MAGICBULLETFILM1.2Movie texture color palette plugin


Add a sense of time to the film, or add modern and modern colors. The movie requires a simple halo tool to make it look more natural


- The photochemical process that mimics the real appearance.


- Mix and match 22 negative and 4 positive printing stocks.


- This includes accurately measured film noise and simple halo tools.




UNIVERSE Cluster special effects plugin set


The cluster special effects plugin set RedGiantUniverse includes many types of visual effects and transition plugins.


Simply put, this is a RedGiant effect and transition set provided for later stages. 76 special effects and transition effects plugins are provided,


Hundreds of presets, integrating the preset library of its famous tools and plugins, all supporting GPU acceleration. And continuously expand the special effects library (such as special effects, transitions, color mixing, lighting effects, particle presets, etc.)


VFXSUITE Visual effects synthesis plugin


RedGiant VFXSuite for Mac is a movie level visual effects plugin for AfterEffects for Mac, providing powerful tools for realistic visual effects composition in AfterEffects; Contains tools that can be used to add shadows and reflections, making the compositing effect more professional. Users can customize operations such as keying, tracking, cleaning, and visual effect synthesis, which is very convenient!


VFXSUPERCOMPSuper special effects synthesis plugin)


Supercomp is a synthetic environment that allows for easy creation of complex, seamless composite materials. In Supercomp, light and


The atmospheric effect interacts with all your layers and scene elements in a more natural way, and is less pre constructed than before


Figure. Supercomp includes over 15 GPU accelerated context aware tools that integrate all elements into the  final shot.




VFXPRIMATTEKEYERProfessional image cutting plugin


PrimateKeyer is a powerful tool for fast automatic color keying. Whether you are using a green or blue screen, Primate Keyer's automatic calculation algorithms typically automatically extract perfect keys. New user interface and cleaning tools allow you to easily Loose selection and separation of background and foreground.


VFXKINGPINTRACKERFlat tracking plugin


KingPinTracker provides you with fast and accurate flat tracking within AfterEffects. KingPinTracker

It is easy to place logos or objects into the lens, even if they are not simple rectangular shapes. With the powerful To and From Pins, as well as the ability to offset and rotate in flat space, allow you to freely fix anywhere you want.


VFXLENSDISTORTIONLens distortion and deformation plugin


Lens distortion makes it extremely easy to unravel materials from any lens, so you can synthesize elements into the lens. Even if you I don't know what kind of lens - Wide-angle lens, GoPro, Fisheye lens or other lenses, lens deformation can also be found immediately.


VFXSPOTCLONETRACKERObject removal replacement clone tracking plugin


SpotCloneTracker is a tool for quickly and easily removing objects, with a built-in tracker and movable materials.Easily repair defects or remove unnecessary small items. SpotCloneTracker is easy to use and can even automatically match You can also choose to clone rays, colors, and textures for your lighting.


VFXOpticalGlow(Intelligent glow plugin)


Optical glow is an ultra fast, fade gorgeous, photo realistic luminous effect suitable for professional visual effects and dynamic images Like. This is the most beautiful and high-quality light you have on the timeline. Actually, there are many reasons behind science




It looks much better than the glow you've been using for years, but most importantly, it's just super cool.


VFXChromaticDisplacementColor difference replacement plugin


Chroma shift uses one layer to move pixels from another layer while smoothly separating colors. Compared to the DisplacementMap has different effects, and ChromaticDisplacement uses displacement images as height maps to provide you with beautiful and organic results. We have designed ChromaticDisplacement to create professional visual effects such as force fields, thermal ripples, light refraction, invisibility effects, and more - but it is also very suitable for motion graphics.


VFXKNOLLLIGHTFACTORYLight Factory Lens Halo Plugin


KnollLightFactory was designed by John Knoll, Chief Creative Officer of IndustrialLightand Magic, to create camera style photo realistic lens halos that can be quickly rendered due to the use of new GPU acceleration technology. Use an intuitive lens editor to create your own flares from scratch, or customize one of the 200 presets inspired by some of the most representative movies of the past few decades.


VFXShadowProjection plugin


Shadow is a plugin for AfterEffects that makes it easier to add perspective shadows in front or behind layers based on alpha channels, brightness, and more. Through the options of softness, curvature, length, color, and many other attributes, the shadow effect far exceeds the various shadow tools available in AfterEffects.


VFXReflectionReflection plugin


Reflection is a plugin for AfterEffects that makes it easy to add reflections to layers. By controlling softness, distance gradient, length, etc., this effect goes far beyond the standard method of creating reflections.




- Video upscaling, up to 4K resolution or other high-resolution formats.。


FRAMES(Transition plugin


Progressive scan of old films, converted to 24P.


ShooterFrames is a plugin that allows you to de interlace and convert materials to a progressive broadcast format.


- Fast field mixing algorithm for fast results


- High quality intelligent smooth dynamic adaptation algorithm


- To fix lost color information in DV and HDV videos


ShooterSuite Post process plugin package


RedGiantShooterSuite is a standalone application and plugin that allows you to freely perform in the way you need it Shoot with confidence, and your lens will make it safe, sound, and synchronized from the camera to the editing timeline.


ShooterSuite is a set that allows you to shoot freely and ensure that the shots and time clips are perfectly consistent with the film Tools for.




lPLURALEYESVideo/audio second synchronization plugin)


- Fast, precise, and automatic


-  With just one click, PluralEyes can analyze and synchronize the audio between the camera and audio devices in just a few seconds.


- No need for a trackpad or time code.


lOFFLOAD1.0Material backup plugin)


The material backup plugin backs up live videos, making it easy and reliable to operate.


- Easy to operate, ensuring file security.


- Compatible with Almost all lenses, memory cards and file formats.


- Compare backup files with source files to ensure accurate backup.


- Backup live videos, easy and convenient to operate, trustworthy.


lINSTANT4KHD plugin)


Upgrade the video resolution to achieve 4K resolution and other high-resolution formats.


Instant4K can quickly perform video upconversion, generate multiple high-resolution formats, and have outstanding upscaling effects. The intelligent algorithm in this plugin can generate new pixels that match the required resolution, achieving graphics and fidelity while preserving image details.。


- Reduce artificial traces in DV and HDV films, and repair lost color information.


- Video upscaling, up to 4K resolution or other high-resolution formats.


lFRAMES(Transition plugin


Progressive scan of old films, converted to 24P.


ShooterFrames is a plugin that allows you to de interlace and convert materials to a progressive broadcast format.


- Fast field mixing algorithm for fast results


- High quality intelligent smooth dynamic adaptation algorithm


- To fix lost color information in DV and HDV videos





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