Enhance collaboration between design and editing teams through the close integration between InCopy and InDesign.

With InCopy, copywriters and editors can design text styles, track changes, and make simple layout modifications to documents, while designers can simultaneously work on the same document in Adobe InDesign without overwriting each other's manuscript.

Major function

Collaborative cooperation

Experience the tight integration between Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign software for parallel workflows, allowing local and remote authors, editors, and designers to simultaneously process an InDesign document without covering the work of others.


Flexible interface

Edit in the view that best suits the current task. The bar view displays 100% accurate line breaks, and the article view can speed up text processing. The layout view allows you to edit text based on the design.


Text precision

View text adaptation information while working. Continuous visual feedback will indicate remaining space - or progress completed - article depth and line, word, and word count statistics.



increase efficiency

Quickly set text styles with the help of new straw tools, easily manage placed images and text files using the 'Links' panel, and achieve layout consistency using paragraph and character styles.


Intelligent editing

Implement text revision across the entire document, including tables. Hide, display, and navigate changes, accepting or rejecting them all or according to the user. Store annotations in annotations that are associated with specific positions in the article or table cells.


Improve work efficiency by easily accessing key controls and tools. Browse and open files using the Adobe Mini Bridge template without exiting InCopy. Create a custom workspace that can be used for specific editing tasks.

Professional typesetting

Apply various precise layout adjustments, such as line spacing, letter spacing, and paragraph spacing; Use OpenType font and Unicode Character encoding; And use the glyph panel to easily insert glyphs.



Web Collaboration

Make full use of the collaborative services provided by Acrobat, which is part of Adobe CS Live online services *. Import content from Adobe's online word processing tool Buzzword in the form of editable InCopy articles. Share your screen and collaborate with others in real-time through Adobe ConnectNow.

Long document

Minimize manual updates and inaccuracies. With conditional text support, you can quickly generate multiple versions of a document using a single source file and create cross references that update or move within an InDesign document as the content changes.

Printing and Publishing

Easily develop and provide content for printing and digital documents. Experience the digital document function support in InDesign CS6, insert hyperlinks directly into the InCopy file and export the file to Adobe PDF or XML.



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