Topaz is a Photoshop super filter.




Saying it 'super' is not because it has so many functions, but because its processing effect is super excellent. Its sharpening, noise reduction, scaling and other functions could have been achieved without the need for Photoshop plugins. The key is that the image processing algorithms are different. Of course, interpolating a 3 megapixel photo to 6 million pixels is still interpolation, and image information cannot be added out of thin air. However, using Topaz Vicacity can minimize the negative effects listed above.




1、Download the original TOPAZ for installation.

2、Install to the PS filter directory.

3、Enter the TopazVivacity directory in the filter directory of Photoshop and delete all files。

(Note: It is not necessary to delete this filter because there are too many filters, but it is easy to distinguish which one to use when using it).

4、Copy the downloaded Chinese version of Topaz filters to this directory.

5、Copy the cracked file tlpsplib10.dll to the windows system32 directory and select 'Overwrite'.

6、Cracking completed, open Photoshop and you can use it.


If you often need to process images or videos, you must not miss the Topaz series software, which is Topazlabs' Topaz Family Bucket.


This includes software such as Topaz Studio, Topaz Sharpen AI, Topaz AI, Topaz Gigapixel AI, Topaz DeNoise AI, Topaz Mask AI, Topaz video illumination AI, etc. Each of these software has excellent features, such as Topaz Sharpen AI, which can help users correct soft focus and reduce motion blur. Topaz Mask AI can quickly mask images and replace backgrounds. Topaz Adjust AI has a one click filter to transform your photos, Topaz Video Enhancement AI has amazing 4K video amplification technology. Topaz denoising AI can use the first AI driven denoising tool to denoise images, eliminate noise, restore clear details in images, and other powerful functions. Whether you are an ordinary user or a professional image editor, daily or work, it can meet all your needs. However, due to the fact that every software in Topaz Family Bucket requires payment, So the editor here still brings the cracked version of the Yellow Crystal series for download, with each software accompanied by corresponding patches and Chinese usage. If you need it, you can download and experience it yourself.


Topaz Studio: Professional Image Editor


Topaz Studio is an image editing and processing application for professional photographers, which can help users create efficient photography effects. The software adopts Topaz's unique image processing technology, providing you with a more intuitive, simple, and efficient processing process.


Topaz Gigapixel AI: Image lossless magnification tool


Topaz Gigapixel AI is a lossless image magnification software and the only desktop application that uses artificial intelligence to expand images, while adding natural details to achieve amazing results. The software can enlarge photos by up to 600%, while perfectly preserving image quality.


Topaz Sharpen AI: Intelligent image sharpening software

Topaz Sharpen AI is a practical image processing software based on AI technology. Using this software can make images appear clearer and sharper. The software can help you improve photos that experience jitter, such as when shaking during handheld, nighttime, or shallow depth of field shooting. It can also help you correct a clear and sharp image.


Topaz Adjust AI: Intelligent HDR rendering software


Topaz Adjust AI is a powerful HDR rendering software that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to transform your photos into incredible creativity, from controlling exposure to enhancing details to enhancing colors. It also supports adjustments in colors, shadows, details, and other aspects, making your photos more vivid.


Topaz DeNoise AI: Intelligent Image Noise Reduction Software


Topaz DeNoise AI is a professional image AI denoising software. With this software, it can help users process images with noise, making them appear clearer. For photographer users, it is a very good image processing tool!


Topaz Mask AI: Intelligent Matting Software


Topaz Mask AI is a professional image mask tool. Compared to Photoshop, this software does not require complicated brushes to obtain high-quality masks, and does not require learning complex icons and tools. Simply outline the object's outline, fill in the content you want to cut with one click, and then press "Calculate Mask" to quickly achieve image mask effects.



Topaz JPEG to RAW AI: Intelligent jpg to RAW format tool


Topaz JPEG to RAW AI is a professional jpg to raw format tool that uses advanced AI technology to intelligently recognize various details of an image. It can quickly convert JPEG format to raw format and can be used to edit photos taken in jpeg format. It allows for adjusting parameters such as color space, dynamic range, color depth, and details to make images more natural after conversion, just like they were taken in raw format.


Topaz Enhancement AI: Video lossless amplification software


Topaz Video Enhancement AI is a professional intelligent video amplification software that can help you intelligently zoom in on videos. The software can help you zoom in to 8K resolution and provide real details and consistent actions. The enlarged video will not become blurry and the effect is excellent.



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