MathType is a professional tool for editing mathematical formulas, designed specifically for science students. The mathtype formula editor can help users insert complex mathematical formulas and symbols into various documents.

The mathematical formula editor tool can easily input various complex formulas and symbols, perfectly combined with Office documents, with excellent display effects and much more powerful than the built-in formula editor in Office.



This software is packaged in a green way, and you can directly click to find and run OLE objects in Office.

MathType is a powerful mathematical formula editor that can be used in conjunction with common word processing software and demonstration programs to add complex mathematical formulas and symbols to various documents. It can be used for editing mathematical papers, books, newspapers, papers, slide presentations, and other aspects. It is a powerful tool for editing mathematical materials.

MathType 6.9 Simplified Chinese Version Features:

1. After installation, it is a registered version with unlimited functionality;

2. Automatically install fonts required for mathematical formulas;

3. "Object Type": From the Office menu, click Insert - Object - PathType 6.0 Equation or Microsoft Formula 3.0 to insert a formula into an Office document as an OLE object.


MathType 6.9 Simplified Chinese Version New Features:

1. Compatible with Windows 8;

2. Compatible with Microsoft Office 2013;

3. Further improvement of MathPage technology;

4. Compatible with over 800 applications and websites.


Installation Tips

1. Some security software may misreport, set it to trust;

2. If the opening speed of the Office automatic loading version of Word slows down, please set: File Help Options Credit Center Trusted Location

Add the MathType installation folder.

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