Axure, prototype, design. During the recent use of Axure RP 9.0, two icons appear in the program dock every time an RP file is opened. One of the icons keeps popping, and after a while, a program error message will appear, prompting you to reopen the program. But in fact, the file has already been opened (the previous icon), which does not affect usage. But every time it appears, it's quite annoying. Today, I took some time to study and found that it was a problem with the component library. There have also been cases of component libraries causing errors in the past, such as Axure Cloud cloud component libraries causing errors. The solution to this type of problem is to delete all loaded third-party component libraries. Generally, problems are resolved.

But this time it was discovered that several component libraries were deleted and returned. Moving the mouse over the stubborn component library will display the directory address. Then enter the corresponding directory and delete the file. It may be that the component library was not moved to the software installation directory when loaded, resulting in insufficient permissions for the software itself and the inability to delete files. The reason why the icon jumps when opening a file is because Axire is loading such "off the shelf" component libraries. Due to insufficient permissions, an error was reported. My guess is that after upgrading the macOS Ventura system, the file permission level of the MAC system increased, causing this bug.

To summarize, the solution is to open the software and open the catalog list in the catalog panel. Switch to a third-party catalog and delete it. If the software cannot be removed (or restored after removal). Moving the mouse into the catalog name will display the directory where it is located. Enter the corresponding directory to delete the catalog file. This way, AXURE 9.0 will not encounter the problem of two icons when opening a file.