1. The layout of the model in the command line is missing. Solution:
Op Options Display Layout and Model Tabs (check box);


2. Quick feature panel not displaying solution:
a. Enter QPCODE and change the value to 1;
b. Press and hold Ctrl+shift+p on the keyboard;



3. When filling is not displayed, the solution is:
OP Display Apply Entity Fill (Check)



4. Remove the educational version CAD method:

a. CAD 2015 version and above (including 15 versions) can be saved and automatically removed from the educational version;

b. Save the drawing as a xx.dxf file and then close the drawing; Open the drawing xx.dxf, then save the drawing as a xx.dwg file, and that's it;

5. Ctrl+n cannot create a new drawing. Solution:

Sometimes a new panel may appear, and we enter the startup variable as 1 on the command line

6. Solution to command disappearance

Pressing ctrl+9 will magically appear

7. Convert from higher version to lower version

Op - Open and Save - Save as CAD file version 04;

8. CAD suddenly interrupts automatic and requires the use of automatic file saving

CAD stores automatically saved graphics in AUTO SV $or AUTO Find the SV $file and rename it as a. dwg file to open it in AutoCAD;

Usually, this file is stored under the CAD installation path, and the file at the last point in time is found;


9. Input of special symbols

T text command, drag out a text box:

Diameter“ Ф” Enter%% C;

The input of "±" representing the ground plane is%% P;

Input the degree symbol "°" into%% D;

10. Regarding the Ma issue

Sometimes when using the MA brush to brush objects, one cannot brush their lines, colors, etc

Solution: MA - Select the source object - S settings - Check the desired object here;

11. The issue of line proportion in paper space, where the line set in model space cannot be displayed in paper space!

There are two situations:

a. If it is only required to look at the line type appropriately in paper space, without considering its display in model space, then I think you can change the line type scale back.

b. If you want to look suitable in both paper space and model space, then you can remove the hook before "scale to paper space" when setting the line type scale.

Psltscale -0 is sufficient. It is best to draw in model space at a 1:1 ratio, otherwise editing can be cumbersome.