Maxon’s ZBrush Team was excited to join legions of fans of creepiness at the Pasadena Convention Center for Monsterpalooza 2023 in early June. Visitors to the Maxon booth were treated to ZBrush demos by our talented trainers and guest artists. Attendees were also invited to enter a drawing for some awesome prizes, including a one-off Steve Wang “Bio Lord” sculpture and posters signed by artist John Mahoney.

“We had a great time showing artists how to bring their monsters to life with ZBrush and ways to bring those digital creations into the real world,” Maxon Training Manager Ian Robinson said at the event. “There were many who were surprised by the many ways something digital can be turned into a physical reality.”

If you couldn’t make it to Monsterpalooza yourself, watch the video below to join Maxon’s own Louie Tucci for a tour featuring interviews with top artists using ZBrush for horror, sci-fi, fantasy and much more.

The video features industry legend Steve Wang, talking about his process of creating an ET creature collectible with his wife and how his work on “Predator” skyrocketed his career in 1987.

The video also includes George Frangadakis from Immortal Masks who explains his company’s Flex Fusion technology for premium silicone masks and how ZBrush is part of their process: “For years we did everything traditionally and then you guys came along, and we joined the digital revolution and now we’re actually printing and doing a lot of modeling in ZBrush.”

We also talked with award-winning Art Director Raf Grassetti, who said he is transitioning to creating comics after more than ten years of leading the visual design of Sony’s “God of War” franchise.

And Special Effects Make-Up Artist Akihito Ikeda, who has been involved in the Hollywood film industry for over 15 years. “Working in ZBrush is way better than hand sculpting, because you don’t need a big space to do it,” he told us. “For sculpting in ZBrush you don’t need to worry about mold making, which means I can keep working on movie projects and also do fine art with ZBrush.”

Thank you to everyone who visited the Maxon booth and took the opportunity to chat and inspire us!