Immersed in the unparalleled realism of nature

We have recently launched a vibrant new feature that will be available in the next version: ray tracing colored glass shadows.

Lumion 2024 still has a lot of preparation in faithfully depicting light and how it interacts with different textures. This time, we will take you behind the scenes to take a look at another highly sought after improvement we have been working on: ray tracing nature.

Visualization has the ability to bridge the gap between conceptual design and the tangible and sensory experience of the visible space in the surrounding landscape. With Lumion's upcoming ray tracing enhancement in 2024, you can reveal the dynamic relationship between the built environment and the natural environment in a more accurate and immersive way.

Reflecting reality, one by one

The beauty of nature shines brightly in its reflection. The shimmering lake surface, the light passing through the forest canopy, or the serene symmetry of the mirrored landscape. Lumion 2024 makes this possible. Ray tracing allows you to capture these moments clearly and accurately, creating stunning scenes and evoking a wonderful feeling.

In the following scene, take a glimpse of the magical light that nature can bring. See how natural elements appear on reflective surfaces like in real life. The glass elegantly reflects green plants, and the ripples of trees appear in the water. Find all of these and more information in Lumion 2024.





Eliminating noise

A smoother ray tracing experience is waiting for you. With the launch of new real-time denoisers for photos and movies, your previews will be smoother, faster, and of higher quality.

Nvidia's real-time denoising (NRD) technology allows you to view ray traced images and videos almost immediately and accurately. This innovation can quickly understand the appearance of the final rendering, thereby achieving more efficient refinement.