ZBrush artists get ready for the 2023 ZBrush Sculpt-Off. Part of this year’s ZBrush Summit, which takes place at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California, as well as virtually, from September 28 – October 1, the 2023 Sculpt-Off is open to all artists using any version of ZBrush, as well as ZBrushCore or the Maxon One 2023 trial version.

This year's theme of Sword and Sorcery: A Mythical Journey into the Realms of the Z Challenge offers artists iconic characters and creatures from the genre as a starting point for creating your own entries. Note that all participants must maintain a live feed while working during the three-hour contest.

Please refer to Maxon's official website for specific activity information: https://www.maxon.net/zh/article/2023-live-zbrush-sculpt-off