On the afternoon of November 20, 2023, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Sam Altman, the father of ChatGPT and co-founder of OpenAI, as well as Greg Brockman, the former president of OpenAI, will join Microsoft to lead the new Microsoft AI team.

We are still committed to maintaining a partnership with OpenAI and have confidence in our product roadmap, all the innovations we promise on Ignite, and our ability to continue supporting our customers and partners. We look forward to meeting Emmett Shear and the new leadership team of OpenAI and working with them. We are also very happy to share this news: Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will work with their colleagues to Join Microsoft and lead a new advanced artificial intelligence research team. We also hope to provide them with everything they need to succeed as soon as possible Nadela expressed

On the afternoon of November 20th, the OpenAI board suddenly announced that Ultraman had been relieved of his CEO position and left the company, while hiring Emmett Shear, co founder of the video streaming website Twitch, to take over as the interim CEO of OpenAI.

In response to Nadella's announcement, Ultraman responded on social media that the task is still ongoing.

I am very pleased that you have joined this new team, Sam, as the CEO, setting a new pace for innovation. Over the years, we have learned a lot about how to give space for founders and innovators, establish independent identities and cultures within Microsoft, including GitHub, Mojang Studio, and LinkedIn. I look forward to you doing the same, "Nadella commented earlier under Ultraman's tweet.

Tesla CEO and X Platform CEO Elon Musk responded that they must now use Teams!

As of now, Microsoft is the largest investor and important partner of OpenAI. Since its establishment, Microsoft has invested a total of $13 billion (approximately RMB 93.332 billion) in OpenAI.

Some analysts believe that Microsoft is already on the same boat as OpenAI and highly relies on ChatGPT, with a relationship similar to the Wintel alliance (Microsoft plus Intel) back then. However, Nadella stated that this relationship has created Microsoft today, but this does not mean that the software giant lacks its own AI software.

Titanium Media App summarizes the general context of Ultraman's recall incident:

On the evening of November 17th local time, former OpenAI CEO Ultraman and former CEO Brockman received a text message from Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever requesting a conversation at noon on Friday. Participated in a Google Meet meeting, with the entire board present except for Brockman. Ilya told Ultraman that he would be fired, and the news will soon spread.

At 12:19 noon local time, Brockman received a text message from Illia requesting a quick response.

At 12:23 noon local time, Ilia sent a Google Meet link. Brockman was informed that he would be removed from the board of directors (but he was crucial to the company and would retain his position), and Ultraman had been dismissed. Around the same time, OpenAI published a blog post.

The management team soon realized this, except for the new interim CEO Mira Murati, who discovered it the night before

Public information earlier on November 18th Beijing time:

On Friday local time, OpenAI announced that Ultraman would resign as CEO and leave the board of directors, with immediate effect, to be succeeded by Technical Director Mira.

The OpenAI board of directors stated in a blog post that after a "review process", the conclusion reached was that Ultraman did not consistently be honest in his communication with the board, which hindered the board's ability to fulfill its responsibilities. The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI

Ultraman wrote, "I really enjoyed my time at OpenAI, which was revolutionary for me and I hope to make a difference to the world. Most importantly, I enjoy working with these talented people. I have more details to say in the future

As early as the 19th, there was news that:

Ultraman told investors that he plans to launch a new AI chip company. Greg Brockman is expected to join this company, and the project is still under development, and the exact nature of the joint venture is currently unclear.

The OpenAI board is in discussions with Ultraman to return to the CEO position. He feels "contradictory" about the return and hopes for significant changes in governance.

Nadella has spoken with Ultraman to ensure that he can return to OpenAI work on Monday local time.

On November 20th Beijing time, news:

Ultraman met with former CEO Brockman as a "visitor" at the company's San Francisco headquarters with executives;

Subsequently, there were reports that Microsoft hopes to support Ultraman's return to power and consider placing an important pawn on the new OpenAI board of directors;

Today afternoon, OpenAI announced the failure of Ultraman's return, and the board chose Emmett Shear, former Twitch CEO, as interim CEO. Due to Ultraman's decision to leave, dozens of OpenAI employees also chose to follow suit and resign.

This afternoon, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced that Ultraman, Brockman, and their colleagues will join Microsoft.