Rhino is a powerful professional 3D modeling software developed by Robert McNeel&Assoc in the United States, which can be widely used in fields such as 3D animation production, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, and mechanical design. It can easily integrate the model functional parts of 3DS MAX and Softimage, and has a bit of a golden effect on 3D N URBS models that require precision, elasticity, and complexity. It can output obj, DX F, IG ES, ST L, 3dm and other different formats, and is applicable to almost all Almost all software. Especially, it has a significant effect on increasing the model productivity of the entire 3D work team. Therefore, 3D designers such as 3D MAX, AutoCAD, MAYA, Softim age, Hou dini, and Li htwave must learn to use them.

Rhino, also known as Rhino in Chinese, is a powerful 3D modeling tool. However, don't underestimate it. It includes all the NURBS modeling functions, making modeling feel very smooth. Therefore, people often use it to model and then export high-precision models to other 3D software for use.

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