The digital resource management system is also called Content management system. Its function is to organize valuable information resources in an orderly manner and provide users (such as artists, Animator, managers, etc.) with application requirements in the form of creation, update, storage, management, etc. The content of information resources in the animation industry includes: Maya files, 3Dmax files, video and audio, text, images, etc.

Alienbrain is created for team work (including remote) to process a large number of Digital art files needed for games, movies, design and simulation production. Specially designed for 2D and 3D artists. The files are displayed with high-quality thumbnails and previews, so you can easily find the correct assets at a glance.

Alienbrain provides a complete and detailed version history for all your digital assets. Combined with Alienbrain's preview function, artists can compare files and easily roll back to earlier versions. Preview can be used in hundreds of file formats, including those used for Unreal Engine and Adobe Illustrator, even if you don't have these tools installed.

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